Welcome to The Reverse Stick
What are We: The Reverse Stick is a weekly podcast and companion website all about the great game of Hockey and everything that comes under it's umbrella. 

Who Are We:  life long hockey nutters that believe the game deserves more coverage than it currently demands from major media outlets. 
                                                  BASIC PHILOSOPHY    
There are several driving factors in our decision to launch The Reverse Stick. Many sources cite Hockey as the second most popular sport in the world! You would not realise that by picking up a daily newspaper or turning on local or national TV. We wish to create a space for Hockey to talk about itself in the same way pages and pages of daily nespapers are devoted to silly sports involving kicking. We would like to foster a literary culture that goes beyond game reports, social media posts and press releases and encourages free and robust debate on issues that confront the game at all levels of gender, age, ability and geography.