Episode Sixty Four: Thursday September 13 2018: Runs 1:18:24
We are joined in the studio by globe trotting Hockey commentator Ashley Morrison to get his views on the game: and guess who is playing in a grand final this weekend, again!!
Episode Sixty Three: Thursday September 6 2018: Runs 1:17:57
Carl Ramagge from the Gibraltar Hockey Association to talk about the game under the gaze of Hercules, Matt has worked out the Hockey Series Open and that shirt looks good for season 4
Episode Sixty Two: Thursday August 30 2018: Runs 1:06:30
Jaspreet Sahni, sports journalist with Times of India.com, joins us once again to talk Asian Games, Tyron Barnard on the PHL and How does the Hockey Series Open work?
Episode Sixty One: Thursday August 23 2018: Runs 1:00:55
Asian Games, Hockey Series: Open and getting into our great games history. The Hockey Museum continues to build the legends and stories that give us our Mythology.
Episode Sixty: Thursday August 16 2018: Runs 1:15:42
The Hockey world turns green but the Queen retains her crown, and the Exin Masters proves your never too old. How Good is Hockey!!
Episode Fifty Nine: Thursday August 9 2018: Runs 1:02:37
The Hockey world turns green but the Queen retains her crown, and the Exin Masters proves your never too old. How Good is Hockey!!
Episode Fifty Eight: Thursday July 19 2018: Runs 1:19:41
All roads lead to Lee Valley, it's the Vitality Hockey World Cup and we are joined by Kate Richardson-Walsh to preview our showcase event. And there will be some other stuff as well.
Episode Fifty Seven: Thursday July 12 2018: Runs 1:08:19
England O/35 representative Mark Moss is with us to talk about the upcoming Exin Masters Worls Cup:   "It's Coming Home", it's England, it's the Vitality Womens World Cup
Episode Fifty Six: Thursday July 5 2018: Runs 1:14:02
It's a Champions Trophy special with Jaspreet Sahni wrapping up the  action from Breda and Leonnie Howard shares the journey of a Kookaburras Mum
Episode Fifty Five: Thursday June 28 2018: Runs 1:06:57
Sports journalist and Hockey commentator Ashley Morrison joins us from the Champions Trophy in Breda: Hockey Series open keeps rolling out: Your club, my Club, everybodys club remember to
Episode Fifty Four: Thursday June 21 2018: Runs 1:23:43
We get inside the latest edition of Hockey World News with Jade Bloomfield: Bittersweet in Breda with the final Champions Trophy and dont forget too:
Episode Fifty Three: Thursday June 14 2018: Runs 58:21
It's winter here in Perth and we are off to sunny Costa Rica to chat with David Navarro about the recent Hockey Series Open in Mexico; and with a huge month of Hockey ahead make sure you #LIVESTREAMHOCKEY
Episode Fifty Two: Thursday June 7 2018: Runs 1:13:51
Andrew Wilson is with us to talk Spanish Cups, Coaching and Commentary: When Twitter is not such a Gouda idea and don't forget to #LIVESTREAMHOCKEY
Episode FiftyOne: Thursday May 31 2018: Runs 1:19:11
The party kicks on with part two of our 50th episode chat fest; Joel Forrester Joins us in his role as CEO for Hockey for Heroes and don't forget to #LIVESTREAMHOCKEY
Episode Fifty: Thursday May 24 2018: Runs 1:08:35
We create our own 'Celebratory Moment' as the podcast turns 50. Ernst Bart, Jaspreet Sahni, Keely Dunn and Tyron Barnard join us for a global Hockey chit chat.
Episode Fourty Nine: Thursday May 17 2018: Runs 1:12:52
We catch up with our old team mate Yorma Thompson in Tokyo and get the inside on club Hockey in Japan, the top Asian women battle it out and have we found a new correspondent?
Episode Fourty Eight: Thursday May 10 2018: Runs 1:04:30
We have no plan and no idea. Thankfully you all keep playing Hockey
Episode Fourty Seven: Thursday May 3 2018: Runs 1:13:16
It's reunion time as Matt and John talk about the olden days, like when India swapped it's coaches; and get inspired as the FIH announces the 'Hockey Series'
Episode Fourty Six: Thursday April 26 2018: Runs 1:02:06
We are kicking back on the couch with a good read; Author FJ Campbell joins us to discuss her novel 'No Number Nine', the future of Olympic Hockey on display? 
Episode Fourty Five: Thursday April 19 2018: Runs 1:07:23
Dad's gone away and left the keys to the sports car. Jaspreet Sahni reviews GC2018, Jade Bloomfield with the latest from Hockey World News and I might just go for a hoon.
Episode Fourty Four: Thursday April 12 2018: Runs 1:11:11
Were joined by Australian Hockey legend and Dutch national Women's coach Alyson Annan, Comm Games gets to the pointy end, and what happened to Matt's voice?
Episode Fourty Three: Thursday April 5 2018: Runs 1:11:45
With the Comm Games under way Claire Allen joins us from the Hockey Family, on the ground at GC2018, the EHL knocks out 12 and more World XI signings
Episode Fourty Two: Thursday March 29 2018: Runs 1:17:10
Stephen Findlater takes us through the EHL KO16's, Ernst Baart is with us again, this time talking coaching, and Hockey has a new Boss!!
Episode Fourty One: Thursday March 22 2018: Runs 1:10:17
Two Australians speak to a Dutchman in Belgium when Ernst Baart Joins us, Franken'nines' Chapter 3: the villagers grab the torches and pitchforks & it's 1 step forward & 2 back for the Pro-League.
Episode Fourty: Thursday March 15 2018: Runs 1:20:26
Oriol Peremiquel tells us about a new Hockey community for players, coach's and teams, scorrd.com. and we discuss Hockey's latest horror story; Franken'nines' !!
Episode Thirty Nine: Thursday March 8 2018: Runs 1:05:08
We are off to Malaysia with the the Azlan Shah Cup under way and we get the lowdown on Malasian domestic Hockey with UniKL coach Arul Anthoni. And you can still make the WorldXI, if your on the right continent.
Episode Thirty Eight: Thursday March 1 2018: Runs 1:12:12
Quality journalism finally arrives on the show when we talk with Jade Bloomfield from Hockey World News, we go job hunting and get on board the TRS World XI
Episode Thirty Seven: Thursday February 22 2018: Runs 1:06:32
Were joined by Australian international Flynn Ogilvie ahead of the Azlan Shah Cup, Coaches comings and goings and all the other stuff that just seems to happen each week
Episode Thirty Six: Thursday February 15 2018: Runs 54:31
We get inside the box with Lawrence Tandjoeng from Hockey Heroes TV, two new World Cup champions have been crowned and all the usual carryings on
Episode Thirty Five: Thursday February 8 2018: Runs 1:52:33
We set a new length record, again, and still don't get it all in, again!! Grant Schubert talks World XI, Akim Toussaint on the way to the Indoor World Cup and all the usual warblings  about our great game of Hockey
Episode Thirty Four: Thursday February 1 2018: Runs 1:37:07
We set a new length record, again, and still don't get it all in, again!! Grant Schubert talks World XI, Akim Toussaint on the way to the Indoor World Cup and all the usual warblings  about our great game of Hockey
Episode Thirty Three: Thursday January 25 2018: Runs 1:37:56
We set a new length record and still don't get it all in!! Spanish pocket rocket Gigi Oliva joins us and Jaspreet Sahni explains Hockey in India. Apologies to the PHF and all the other stuff we missed. Just too much Hockey to fit it all in!!!!!!
Episode Thirty Two: Thursday January 18 2018: Runs 1:11:16
We implement our inclement  weather policy and we take on the bully, but it's not what you think
Episode Thirty One: Thursday January 11 2018: Runs 46:41
Our BossF Hockey collectors edition podcast features Gijs Hardeman from the Hockey Dreams Foundation and a little bit of Anarchy.
Episode Thirty: Thursday January 4 2018: Runs 46:41
We look ahead to 2018 in what is a big year for Hockey; there is a review of our review and we go under 45 minutes, nearly.
2017 Year in Review: Parts 1 and Part 2
There was so much to talk about from 2017 that we had to spilt the podcast in two. Part 1 covers the action on the field and Part 2 concentrates on the shenanigans of the field
2017 Year in Review Part 1: runs 43:42
2017 Year in Review Part 2: runs 1:07:15
Episode Twenty Eight: Thursday December 21 2017    Runs 1:06:09
Merry Christmas to all of our listeners and especially to our many wonderful guests. This week we thought we would just have some fun
Episode Twenty Seven: Thursday December 14 2017    Runs 1:12:39
We wrap up the action from the men's HWL finals, take a rundown of the action from the PHL and find out who had a Dream Team and who was just dreaming.
Episode Twenty Six: Thursday December 7 2017    Runs 1:10:41
It's all a walk in the park when we speak to Alan Gormley from Walking Hockey; Jaspreet Sahni joins us from the men's HWL Finals and more from South Africa's PHL.
Episode Twenty FiveThursday November 30 2017    Runs 1:02:29
All eyes are on BBI for the mens HWL finals and we speak to Jaspreet Sahni to preview the tournament; theres draws and fixtures and don't forget the Dream Team.
Episode Twenty Four Thursday November 23 2017   Runs 1:06:36
We get technical and technological with FIH Technical Delegate Tammy Standley; and we go inside South Africa's PHL as the Daisy's take over our Instagram account.
Episode Twenty Three: Thursday November 16 2017    Runs 1:14:27
All eyes are on the Sentinal Homes Womens Hockey World League Final in Auckland and we chat to John Whiting, the Media Manager for Hockey New Zealand: and we tried really hard not to talk broadcasting.
Episode Twenty Two: Thursday November 9 2017    Runs 1:05:35
Kelvin Watt tells us about South Africa's Premier Hockey League; the Womens Asia Cup surprises even India and how Matt spends his spare time.
Episode Twenty One: Thursday November 2 2017    Runs 1:05:35
We are joined by Keely Dunn from FHumpires.com, Africa Cup of Nations, Womens Asia Cup, Sultan of Johor Cup, and guess who turns 21
Episode Twenty: Thursday October 26 2017    Runs 57:14
Jaspreet Sahni joins us once again to talk India, the Asia Cup and downpours, there is plenty of other cup action and where is my stream!
Episode Ninteen: Thursday October19 2017    Runs 1:11:26
Our cup overfloweth this week with the Oceania Cup, Asia Cup, African Cup of Nations, Pan-Am Indoor Cup. Plus we speak to Ijaz Chaudhry, Media Manager for the Pakistan Hockey Federation.
Episode Eighteen: Thursday October 12 2017    Runs 1:11:29
We are globetrotting with Pablo Mendoza from ahockeyworld.net; there's AHL, EHL, Asia Cups, Oceania Cups and plenty more
Episode Seventeen: Thursday October 5 2017    Runs 59:45
We are joined by Stephen Findlater, the Media Officer from the Euro Hockey League, there's more from the AHL and don't forget your Dad!
Episode Sixteen: Thursday September 28 2017    Runs 61:32
Hockey Maker Taff Ahmed joins us to talk volunteers and The Hockey Family; a picture says a thousand words and there is more LIVE Hockey
Episode Fifteen: Thursday September 21 2017    Runs 62:47
This week we talk Australian Hockey League & catch up with Western Australian Thunderstick, Matt Bird. Plus there's an umpiring debate & game day cliches. Check your podcatcher, it's probably there already!
Episode Fourteen: Thursday September 14 2017    Runs 46:01 
India does what we all expect by doing what we didn't expect them to do, international Hockey umpire Murray Grime joins us courtesy of Ashley Morrison, Pakistan, EHL and plenty more.
EpisodeThirteen: Thursday September 6 2017    Runs 40:17 
We jump aboard the coaching roundabout as  Jaspreet Sahni joins us from Delhi, also the latest from the Junior Euros and it's giveaway time again
Episode Twelve: Thursday August 31 2017    Runs 38:09 
This week it's double Dutch as the Netherlands take out the Euros and we talk to Irish U/21 players Sara Twomey and Emma Buckley ahead of the Euro Hockey Junior Championship.
Episode Eleven: Thursday August 24 2017    Runs 37:31 
They're up and running at the Euro's as Oceania, Africa and Asia warm up for the race to the world cup; and author and illustrator Sabine Hahn joins us to talk about her book, "The Hockey Kids"
Episode Ten: Thursday August 17 2017    Runs 39:29 
The race to the world cup heats up, Jaspreet Sahni talks grassroots Hockey Indian style, and are you a record breaker?
Episode Nine: Thursday August 10 2017    Runs 39:53 
This week Indian sports journalist Jaspreet Sahni joins us as we get inside Indian Hockey. Then theres Euro Challenges, Pan Am's and Pakistan
Episode Eight: Thursday August 3rd  2017    Runs 40:15 
Its Stars and stripes this week when we talk to the Executive Director of USA Field Hockey Simon Hoskins ahead of the Pan American Cup. There's replacements, points and someone wins a prize
Episode Seven: Thursday July 27 2017   Runs 40:15 
This week the Reverse Stick goes calypso as we speak to Rheya Richardson, Secretary of the Trinidad and Tobago Hockey Board, there is World League results and we have our first give away.
Episode Six: Thursday July 20 2017    Runs 40:45 
Coming up on a set top box near you the Reverse Stick talks broadcasting, or the lack of it; more insights from self-pass.com founder Bernardo Fernandes and Hockey World League
Episode Five: Thursday July 13 2017   Runs 37:37 
We speak to the founder of self-pass.com Bernardo Fernandes. ponder the in's and out's of the Hockey Pro League and do we need a change at the top.
Episode Four: Thursday July 06 2017   Runs 35:17 
The final part of our conversation with one of the games greats, Terry Walsh; catch up with the World League, ponder the fate of the HIL and get some advice for the more mature striker.
Episode Three: Thursday June 29 2017   Runs 34:32 
We continue our converstation with Hockey legend Terry Walsh and ask about Montreal, Moscow and 'that' goal at the '86 World Cup, find out who qualifies for the World Cup and how, and the Hockey community.
Episode Two: Thursday June 22 2017   Runs 36:02 
Part one of a three part interview with  FIH Master Coach and dual Olympian Terry Walsh. This week we find out where it all started. And we talk TV rights as well as the Hockey Pro League

Episode One: Thursday June 15 2017   Runs 31:55 
Our debut episode features an interview with Mike Smith, curator of the Hockey Museum, and find out what The Reverse Stick is all about and how you can get involved.