EPISODE 61 - Latest
Episode Sixty Eight: Thursday October 11 2018: Runs 1:35:53
Siegfried Aikman joins us fresh from Japans Asia Games victory and Sugar Britches dons the pads for the TRS WXI. 
Episode Sixty Seven: Thursday October 4 2018: Runs 1:23:12
We speak to the first of our TRS World XI inductees, the goat man, John O'Shea, Stephen Findlater talks EHL and Matt gets a bit uppity
Episode Sixty Six: Thursday September 28 2018: Runs 1:06:05
Breaking News: Hockey Series Open Lahore is cancelled, maybe, could just be postponed. Might just be under the tree at Christmas time.
Episode Sixty Five: Thursday September 21 2018: Runs 1:17:11
It was our pleasure to be joined by Indian Tigers coach Sjoerd Marijne. Yep thats right, Tigers. If Sjoerd says "Tigers", we say "Tigers"
Episode Sixty Four: Thursday September 13 2018: Runs 1:18:24
We are joined in the studio by globe trotting Hockey commentator Ashley Morrison to get his views on the game: and guess who is playing in a grand final this weekend, again!!
Episode Sixty Three: Thursday September 6 2018: Runs 1:17:57
Carl Ramagge from the Gibraltar Hockey Association to talk about the game under the gaze of Hercules, Matt has worked out the Hockey Series Open and that shirt looks good for season 4
Episode Sixty Two: Thursday August 30 2018: Runs 1:06:30
Jaspreet Sahni, sports journalist with Times of India.com, joins us once again to talk Asian Games, Tyron Barnard on the PHL and How does the Hockey Series Open work?
Episode Sixty One: Thursday August 23 2018: Runs 1:00:55
Asian Games, Hockey Series: Open and getting into our great games history. The Hockey Museum continues to build the legends and stories that give us our Mythology.